Proactive Services

These services are geared to assist you in reducing the commercial risks threatening your business.  It is more cost effective to address the risk before the loss has occurred, than suffer a loss and then only analyze the risk.  It makes more business sense to circumvent prejudice than to remedy the failure.

The following is an example of how onerous it is to recuperate from a fraudulent loss.  If your business suffers a loss of R100, 000.00 due to fraud, and your profit is R10.00 per unit sold, you would be required to sell 10,000 units in order to recoup this loss.

Reactive Services

We are well aware that not every business risk can be eradicated and that there is a need to counter losses or White Collar Crime.  We are qualified to assist in a reactive manner.  The most important step in the reactive process is to ensure that evidence is secured and the relevant perpetrators are included in the investigation process.

We could advise you if you would need guidance on a specific matter. If you would like to supply any information via COLLATERAL to your management or the authorities please go to our website at and complete the necessary fields.  This will be confidentially administered on your behalf.

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