We offer services that assist our clients based on our expertise and their needs.


This is purely a reactive service. We offer a professional Forensic service, including complex White Collar Crime investigations as well as other criminal and civil matters. We will construct the entire investigation file for your disciplinary hearing and the criminal investigation. We will assist in the civil recovery and help the prosecution team wherever necessary.


With the use of ACL™ software, any data can be interrogated with ease. Comparisons can be done on multiple disparate systems. There is no restriction as to what systems can be analysed. Volumes of data can be audited within a very short period of time, reducing man-hours that are normally costly.


This service is designed to scrutinize areas in your business exposed to risk.   This is a proactive stance that determines your vulnerability to fraud. This reduces the possibility of fraud occurring and is a more cost effective method than an expensive investigation. This procedure can be accomplished over a 3 day to 2 week period, depending on the areas of scrutiny and the size of your organisation.


Profiling is a great aid to expose surreptitious relationships. We conduct profiles on employees, suppliers, customers and partnership relations. Packages can be designed to suite your requirements. We are able to provide the following in a profile:
o    Credit Profiles
o    Criminal Record Checks
o    Property Data
o    Vehicle Ownership Details
o    Identification and Name Verification
o    Director Searches


This approach is an in-depth service. This review is far more thorough than Examiner. The major focus during this review is the compliance and presence of effective internal controls in the daily function of your operation.    Good controls do make it a lot harder for losses to occur. Often it is merely going back to basics and insuring that your controls and procedures are in place and adhered to.


Data Analysis can be done on a continuous basis using ACL™ software. Continuous meaning automated, so that data can be tested on a regular basis by applying the tests to a wide range of areas of high financial risk. Continuous monitoring can report on fraud, system breaches and the breakdown of your stipulated controls and procedures.


Placing undercover agents in a business environment would create the opportunity of sourcing beneficial intelligence. We manage that undercover agent and filter information back to you. Our undercover agents function independently and morally. It is imperative that the agent's role remains confidential.


One of the ways to reduce the risk of fraud within your business is by Fraud Awareness Training. This is geared at training your management team to be vigilant of the current threats that face business today. We would characterise the relevant fraud indicators that would contribute to identifying problems quickly and close control loopholes before fraud escalates.

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